Politics Shows no Dignity But is Gluttony.

What a crazy election cycle this has been. Between all the people who felt they were something that were really about absolutely nothing, as far as politics is concerned, and to the outing of the self absorbed, this has been quite a circus.

Sometimes it’s almost as if you’re watching the daytime soaps. Or maybe even the evening reality shows. Because it’s hard to believe some of the people who want to be President of the United States.

Some of you may think I’m specifically speaking of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but the power-hungry exists on both sides of the aisles.



Cesspool Pumping Smells better than Hillary’s Campaign

That I think Hillary smells worse than putrid cesspool pumping let you know what I really think about her.

No I don’t want to get to insane speaking about Hillary Clinton because that’s what she does create. It’s call Hillary derangement syndrome

Now the reason I put the issue of having my septic tank pumped and Hillary Clinton is because both are full of crap.



Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton

You can never get enough of her, and the rashes she gives when you listen to that clown. Sherry again writing from the planet normal.

Hillary Clinton is really trying to push that her winning the presidency will be a win for feminism and for women anywhere since she will be the first female president.


So, are we really supposed to vote for her to be the first female president just because she is a woman?



Nine Most Prolific Conservative Women in America

In the world today, a particular emphasis is placed on the need for gender equality and women empowerment. Notwithstanding, it is seldom that we recognize with equal fervor the influences conservative women have had in our country.

We have come to a point in politics were conservative woman that are strong are shaping the discourse of our country. While I would love to include myself in this list, I would love to leave that for  someone else’s blog.

The following list not only recognizes the achievements of the top ten conservative women in America but also highlights their journey in politics.


Black on White Kidnapping

Hey everybody how you doing. Sherry back again with what you’re hoping for is another unliberaled episode.

Before I do I just want to give a shout out to Pete at Colgans tree service. Pete is really good guy there really loves what he does. I made you think this guy was a woodland creature he loves to be around trees and bushes so much.

But enough of the public service announcements. I really want to talk about is Rihanna’s music video. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s for her new single, bitch better have my money. Yes, that’s how low she’s going in the name of art.


Frogs & Pigs

OK folks. You know another day doesn’t go by without a new feminist outrage occurring. What is amazing is what these Fembot’s will do to frantically promote their frenzied feminism.

The newest outrage  (See other outrages here.) of these morbidly masculine women, is did Kermit the frog has dump Miss Piggy for a younger and thinner swankier pig named Denise!!


The Statue of Evil

I was perusing the Internet on this nice sunny and hot humid day. What do I find? An article about women calling a statue sexist. Don’t these feminist’s ever give up? You would think that someone has something better to do than to waste any type of energy being upset at a statue. But I guess when you have no life, or that life is in perpetual rage, you need something to break up the monotony.

Now hold up, you may be saying. What is the excruciating, horrific and deplorable hate crime that was committed by an artist hands. What could be so low down and despicable that death was fabricated in the mind of an artist which produced the most vile and wretched insult to the female race.



Window Tinting even the UnLiberaled Woman Would Like

Usually I am busy taking to task women who are so uptight, that their hair is falling of into their sullen fists of rage. I can write an entire articled of Megyn Kelly battling out with Ted Cruz. (Yea, that was after here cage match with Donald Trump)

Maybe I will in a little, but I also love taking about women owned businesses. Not in the P.C. crowd way in were they want women to have bigger penises then men. No, I am speaking about women like Mary who made a successful career in owning a window tinting business.

You see, you can just completely always try to prove yourself by smashing other people down or you can own a successful business.



Let’s get Down to Business

So you want to go into business. Do ya? Well that is good news since more than 50% of businesses are owned by woman. Who said there was a glass ceiling? I don’t see it, but the feminists do. When you are a victim, you will always point out the negative, not what is profoundly possible to accomplish.  The victim crazed feminists punch their heads through walls of opposition like some blood thirsty zombie.

The fact is a woman does not need to be in business to prove something to a man. One of the only reasons you should start a business is just a desire to succeed. Your competition should just be with yourself not anyone else. Also, you don’t have to be pinned down to stereotypical female type’s of businesses, such as makeup, hair, etc. You can even own a tree service company. Just ask Alma who is a 50 percent owner of Long Island Tree Service.


Hand the Perpetually Outraged a Hankie

I love following the politically correct crowd of how Donald Trump is intent and sending women beyond the stone age. We are speaking about the most intensely frozen ice age where Trump is sending the entire female race (including yours truly, for more “Outrage” check out “What is up with Megyn Kelly“).


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