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Why Do We Have ANY Faith in the Federal Reserve?

In: Financial Crisis

Listening To Your Constituents

In: Congress Poor Peformance

Everyone But Me

In: Obama's Poor Policies

A Much Needed Smiles Break

In: Just for Fun

God, Guns and Guts – HooooRAH!

In: Gun Rights

About The Un-Liberaled Woman

The ranting and raving of a woman formally brainwashed under the liberal agenda. Through investigation, commentary and sarcasm about government, this woman is breaking free of the hypocritical liberal party that tries to manipulate women into believing only they can represent women’s rights. Get informed, get free, get Un-Liberaled! This blog does not endorse any particular candidate or party - although if I did, I most likely wouldn’t endorse a liberal candidate. For instance, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or as I like to call her Smancy Pelotox would not get my vote. Comprende? Good. Hope you enjoy the rants! :)

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