Let’s get Down to Business

So you want to go into business. Do ya? Well that is good news since more than 50% of businesses are owned by woman. Who said there was a glass ceiling? I don’t see it, but the feminists do. When you are a victim, you will always point out the negative, not what is profoundly possible to accomplish.  The victim crazed feminists punch their heads through walls of opposition like some blood thirsty zombie.

The fact is a woman does not need to be in business to prove something to a man. One of the only reasons you should start a business is just a desire to succeed. Your competition should just be with yourself not anyone else. Also, you don’t have to be pinned down to stereotypical female type’s of businesses, such as makeup, hair, etc. You can even own a tree service company. Just ask Alma who is a 50 percent owner of Long Island Tree Service.

She does not care that it’s not a snobby jewelry or fashion business. Who really cares what type of business it is except for all of the particularly pretentious female population. What does Alma care about? All she cares about is that her tree service business  bring’s home the bucks that buys all of that jewelry and fashion.

Plus, the investment in a tree service is not as high and the knowledge level is high either when compared to some other types of businesses. Yes, you may need to purchase or lease a couple of trucks and the associated equipment to begin with. But that, with a website, and a really good local internet marketing guru, there you go. Now all you need is to do your business better then everyone else. See you don’t need to charge rock bottom, just be much better. Always over deliver. This should be done in any type of business. Whether you running a tree service or a salon, always out perform the competition.

How to beat your LAZY competition

  1. Do More!! Did you read above? Most business owners are L-A-Z-Y. They try to get away with as least as possible. And don’t let all the shine a competing business attempts to display. In the end, most will never go the extra mile, because they always look at the immediate cost. They can’t see the return from happy repeat customers and not realizing that creates a beast of the best in advertisement, word of  mouth or what I like to say “Braggin on you”.
  2. Increase your quality. “Yea, but won’t my costs increase you may be saying.” Yes it will, but also your profits will increase through more sales. People will pay more for what they perceive to be better quality. Look at all of the “gourmet” hamburger joints. I actually ate a hamburger that was 27 dollars with a drink. Seriously! You just to properly and fabulously show the superior quality of your product or service to your client and they will open their wallet with extreme gladness
  3. Have a Client for Life. Really get to know your customers. Give them a survey and client description to fill out. If possible, find out their birthday’s, how many kid’s they have, what their birthday’s are, etc.  My point is this. Who does this.? Very few people do this. Their client is only a number, someone that is only good for constant milking.

Guess what, someday, someone will come along who won’t squeeze their nipples so hard. What the heck to I mean buy this disturbing description? They will offer more and be cheaper than you. They will show how much better their product or service is. The lingo tranlated means that your client will not receive as big as a purple nurple from them as they do from you. So what happens? You get a call from your nipple molested client that your service or product is no longer required.

So be better in every way possible and go out and conquer!


To Your Success



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