Black on White Kidnapping

Hey everybody how you doing. Sherry back again with what you’re hoping for is another unliberaled episode.

Before I do I just want to give a shout out to Pete at Colgans tree service. Pete is really good guy there really loves what he does. I made you think this guy was a woodland creature he loves to be around trees and bushes so much.

But enough of the public service announcements. I really want to talk about is Rihanna’s music video. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s for her new single, bitch better have my money. Yes, that’s how low she’s going in the name of art.

The amazing thing about this video it shows a black woman kidnapping a white woman timer upside down and torturing her.

The video include scenes of torture instruments and blood which I assume is from the victim. So I guess this is supposed to be art?

What is amazing is that there are deranged people out there that this is art. Probably the same people that have Jeffrey Dahmer pin up posters.

So OK so I guess if it was a video of a man doing this and that would spark the feminist out rage it so deserves. What I think the funniest thing is is that black feminist enough fighting What I think the funniest thing is is that black feminist enough fighting wife Venice white feminist.

Now what about the doggie feminists. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones you need to put A T-bone steak around her neck for the dog to play with them.

You know the ones I’m talking about that are so ugly they make blind kids cry.

Hahaha. How about this one. She’s so ugly that they filmed the movie guerrillas in her shower

OK enough of that “she’s so ugly” jokes, but I think you get my point. I am really expecting the ugly feminists to go after the pretty black feminists and the pretty white feminists.

I think this will produceĀ  Femageddon!!!

OK this should be a 12 round cage match. No holes barred. Whoever wins gets an all expense paid trip to the Netherlands to have a penis attached.

Sometimes that’s what I think they really want. What it comes down to is it that feminist’s are never satisfied with anything so they invoke their psychotic male rage towards not just men but to anyone who insults there panicky prickly ideas.

Oh I have another ugly joke. She’s so ugly that her birth certificate is actually an apology letter from the condom factory!! This one had me rolling!

So here is another day with feminists losing any type of rational reasoning and doing everything the can to lose the rest of their brain cells fighting each other. The amazing this is that the week is only half done.

I am sure that they will be another rage by the time the weekend comes upon us.

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