Frogs & Pigs

OK folks. You know another day doesn’t go by without a new feminist outrage occurring. What is amazing is what these Fembot’s will do to frantically promote their frenzied feminism.

The newest outrage  (See other outrages here.) of these morbidly masculine women, is did Kermit the frog has dump Miss Piggy for a younger and thinner swankier pig named Denise!!

Kermit got game! He wore Miss Piggy out like a pair of bald tires and then when and got him some new fresh rubber.

Yes. The feminazis are up in arms over this swipe at womankind.

They either conviently forget or are so immersed in their androgen hatred that the incredibly glaring fact that this is a fictional relationship between Puppets is completely missed .  Seriously people, if I am for one thing as far socialized medicine is concerned (and I have complete disdain for socialized medicine) and that would be to give Xanax to all of these crazy feminists.

Seriously gals, is your life so miserable that you have to go into a tantrum over to puppets?

Where was your outrage when Miss Piggy kicks the crap out of Kermit where was your out rage when Miss Piggy kicks the crap out of Kermit?

Is your real issue that your self-esteem is so low into the gutter that the man you have is from the dollar menu? I think that’s the issue of your rage towards the younger skinnier pig being picked.

You see, you get constantly dumped when your relationship so shallow. So then you start saying all men are dogs all men are pigs or in this case all men are frogs.

The issue is you and nobody else. Learn to take responsibility for your actions. And for God sakes don’t just give it up to a guy because he’s cute. Learn to treasure what you have. Then and only then will he treat you like a treasure.

Maybe I will play into their crazed excuses for covering the rejection or multiple rejections they suffered from the abominable male species.

  1. You got fat and sloppy and they left you for another woman
  2. You put him down in front of his friends once too many times and he left you for another woman.
  3. You tried to cut his manhood off and he left you for another woman
  4. You always act like you know more and make him feel stupid, so he leaves you for another woman.

I see a trend developing here that rival Miss Piggy’s attitude and you wonder why you are constantly getting kicked to the curb.

Buy say, I don’t understand you. They guys you were with was a lazy ludicrous louse. Maybe he was. Then why did you pick him girlfriend? If you know that boy was not born under a silver spoon but a rusty can, why did you start dating him in the first place

Do you have brain damage or just plain stupid? Just cut the rage, get some real self worth and relax.


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