The Statue of Evil

I was perusing the Internet on this nice sunny and hot humid day. What do I find? An article about women calling a statue sexist. Don’t these feminist’s ever give up? You would think that someone has something better to do than to waste any type of energy being upset at a statue. But I guess when you have no life, or that life is in perpetual rage, you need something to break up the monotony.

Now hold up, you may be saying. What is the excruciating, horrific and deplorable hate crime that was committed by an artist hands. What could be so low down and despicable that death was fabricated in the mind of an artist which produced the most vile and wretched insult to the female race.



Here’s a pic of the offending art work. Tell me what you think it is.


Now looking at it it’s a man and a woman having a conversation. It appears that this male may have approached her while she was reading a book and just started speaking to her. She’s a smile on her face so it doesn’t look like she’s upset or anything. Who knows, maybe she really digs the guy.

God forbid a feminist will show any type openness in their thinking. I don’t think any of these women know what having a man is like. At least one that keeps his gonads. I sometimes wonder how their father was like or if they hold any respect towards him at all.

The sculptor who designed this apparent feminist monstrosity, whose name is Paul Tadlock, actually used the likeness of his daughter for the female part of the sculpture. He stated the only reason why he had the man’s foot on the bench was just to add a little more character to the sculpture.

He didn’t even know what the term “Mansplaining” is. Till this day, neither did I.

According to the school spokesman “The statue symbolizes friendship that developed among students”. so you see folks, even something as harmless as a statue which signifies budding friendships that are developed during students time at a university, is not immune from the stupid heresy of frantic feminism.

Actually one of the purveyors of demonizing harmless statue’s works for an online feminist blog. So she is an inbred feminist shriller ready to yell in agony at the slightest hint of an offense, read to imitate a wolf howling at the moon.

So many tears, such a waste of time.


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