Window Tinting even the UnLiberaled Woman Would Like

Usually I am busy taking to task women who are so uptight, that their hair is falling of into their sullen fists of rage. I can write an entire articled of Megyn Kelly battling out with Ted Cruz. (Yea, that was after here cage match with Donald Trump)

Maybe I will in a little, but I also love taking about women owned businesses. Not in the P.C. crowd way in were they want women to have bigger penises then men. No, I am speaking about women like Mary who made a successful career in owning a window tinting business.

You see, you can just completely always try to prove yourself by smashing other people down or you can own a successful business.



Mary just applies (or has one of her employees) apply window tint to homes, offices and cars. You see, she took off the gloves and went to make a mark in a world which she can control, unlike a corporate stick where they tell you what a women should be like.

For them, it is impossible to be a traditional women and also be able to run a business or write a blog. You can only be one or the other. A master or a slave.

Case in point. Sheryl Sandberg, who is Facebook’s COO, started a campaign to ban the word bossy. She said that word, bossy, hold’s women back What would she know, about being held back. Isn’t her husband a stay at home dad? That is what these feminists want. That is to completely emasculate a man until she utterly controls his soul like a hideous soul sucking vermin.

emasculated man

So what is the alternative to calling a woman bossy if she is acting like a nad crusher? What happens if a man acts bossy? You’ve got it. They are labeled as sexist! Oh the horror. So a woman can be bossy but not a man?

Now, I am not referring about a woman being in charge. Of course a woman can be in charge, or be a leader and be good at it. Especially when men fall short. Now I am traditional woman so I believe men are in charge in the home, just not in a way that lowers how God looks at a woman.

So women like Sheryl Sandberg feel they need to prove something. Then they get useful fembots like Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice and others to this seriously level of tacky touchiness.

When will the madness stop. That is so cliche, but true. Men, stop taking gratuitous gump from women who are looking to be bossy. Assert your manhood and put on your big boy pants on and put bossy in her place.

If you are a self confident woman, you don’t need to keep trying to make men get in touch with there feminine side. Just like Mary who does home tinting for a living, not because she has something to prove, she is doing something she enjoys, I have decided to just be me and not be bossy.


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