Faux Feminism of Hillary Clinton

You can never get enough of her, and the rashes she gives when you listen to that clown. Sherry again writing from the planet normal.

Hillary Clinton is really trying to push that her winning the presidency will be a win for feminism and for women anywhere since she will be the first female president.


So, are we really supposed to vote for her to be the first female president just because she is a woman?


It appears that there are women who are out there that think that this is actually a good idea.

Who cares whether a person is qualified or not. Who are cares they have no actual accomplishments to speak of that have benefited people that were not directly connected to them.

I like what Carly Fiorina said about Hillary that “Flying is an activity, not an accomplishment”

Now you cannot claim “lust for power” as an accomplishment. Why would she have stayed with Bill Clinton after how many times this guys has cheated on her? Would any sane woman even come close to putting up with that?

What was insane was how she actually became a Senator for New York. After never living there before she decided to take up residency. Why would a non-resident decide to place fake roots in the Empire State?

The reason is because it was a stepping stone to something much bigger.

Now she was supposed to be the new President in 2008, but fate and the Democratic Party Machine had another idea. She was actually the front runner for a while but then and unknown, junior Senator named Barack Obama, was voter into office by an illiterate electorate.

So here it is eight years later and now we are supposed to give here what she deserves.  All woman are supposed to marshall up behind her like blind bats and follow her whispering’s to pull the trigger for her at the ballot box.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright actually said.. You really need to let this sink in. She said their was a special place in hell for the women that did not vote for Hillary!! Was she referring to the place were satan has is so patiently waiting for both of them?
When  these faux feminists cannot win on merit, they try bribes (new programs paid by men and the women who did not support Hillary), or make up some fake insult like mansplaining.
When that happens, Hillary’s Socialist cohort, Bernie “The Hair” Sanders, just offers more of other people’s stuff to win over those lazy women that Hillary is trying to get votes from.

So when that does not work the the only other thing left is to offer is total damnation?  Wow, who does Hillary know in hell to get that kind of clout?

Hillary Clinton, the Fake Feminist, Has taken millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia via the Clinton Foundation, which is a not for profit organization that is operated by the Clinton mob of, Bill, Hillary and Boss of all Bosses in training, Chelsea.

And what about Bill Clinton. The guy with the wondering penis. The other Bill, you know the pudding guy, is finally looking like he is going to do some type of perp walk, while Billy boy, looks like he is again turning his potential crimes into something of an asset.

So these women who vote for Hillary. Are you will to vote for her even after Hillary as obviously known of her hubby’s philandering ways and they are really OK with this?

What ever happened to believe the victims. Is not this what the progressive elites preach? When it comes to lawyers, you need to read the fine print.

Hillary Clinton is no friend of women and no friend of mine.



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