Politics Shows no Dignity But is Gluttony.

What a crazy election cycle this has been. Between all the people who felt they were something that were really about absolutely nothing, as far as politics is concerned, and to the outing of the self absorbed, this has been quite a circus.

Sometimes it’s almost as if you’re watching the daytime soaps. Or maybe even the evening reality shows. Because it’s hard to believe some of the people who want to be President of the United States.

Some of you may think I’m specifically speaking of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but the power-hungry exists on both sides of the aisles.


We have watched a neurotic Donald Trump and the people who support him. This is really starting to appear like the bad sequel called Obama 2.0.

With Obama it was “Hope and Change”. With Trump, his mantra is “Let’s make America Great Again”. So what is the difference between the two with the exception of the tagline?

If you have to think long and hard about that that it is because both of them had as much substance in their tagline as a bag full of air!

The thing about Donald Trump is that there is absolutely no substance behind the boastful bluster that he consistently exhales.

You may  be saying “Sherry, stop be such a hater.”

He keeps saying that he’s going to get the brightest people, the smartest people to figure out all of the solutions to America’s problems. Now it has been seven months into this election cycle and he keeps saying the same thing, which is absolutely nothing.

I figured that would be enough time for all the smart people he says he knows, to have come with something.

What is truly amazing is how uninformed most Trump supporters are. They are the ones who should be asking, “OK so how are you going to do this” It seems like they believe his line is that they are completely stupid and he is totally smart.

Well, at the looks of it, maybe he is correct!

The extreme amount of nationalism and populism Trump exudes with the added ingredient of condescension, is a recipe for a fascist government.

Also don’t get me started on some of the other ex presidential candidates.

It is quite hilarious how “Fat the tugboat Christie”, came out to support Donald Trump after his field presidential bid, after he specifically said that Donald Trump was not fit to be commander-in-chief because of his temperament.

Maybe Chris Christie changed his mind because he realized he is as much of a jerk as Donald Trump is.

When you are hungry for power (and for everything else) you’ll say and do just about anything to get it.

I think Ben Carson was definitely the biggest disappointment for me. I saw the movie “Gifted Hands” which caused me to develop such an admiration for Dr. Ben Carson.

His struggles with poverty, anger and the evil level of prejudice directed towards him and how he was still able to succeed in the way he did is truly awe inspiring.

I saw the movie a couple of times. Any public speaking engagement he did and if it was on the news, I listened to it.

I remember listening to him about the necessity to overcome fear in order to be truly successful. He never used his race as a crutch even though he suffered under prejudice.

He truly believed in himself and the God who made him. He believed that no one could direct the path God had already set for him.

My admiration for him was very deep. But I have to admit it started to suffer at one of the Republican debates that I watched.

When he was given a question about what he would have done after the 9/11 attacks, he said he would not have invaded Afghanistan.

Now he did say he would go after the money that supported Al Qaeda and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan by bankrupting countries who refused to pull their support from all extremism.

While his answer was very cerebral, he just did not understand the longing for vengeance that Americans so dearly wanted.

That was the first time I realized that he was out of touch with what Americans really wanted in a leader.

But I still liked him until the Iowa caucuses.

There was a report from CNN that insinuated that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. It came out the night of the caucus. The Ted Cruz team saw the report and used it in the Caucus to tell people not to waste their vote on someone who was dropping out.

If you understand how a Caucus works, it’s when people are gathered in places all over the state trying to convince each other to vote for their particular candidate.

There was no time for vetting the CNN report because this was happening right in the head of the moment.

Ted Cruz went on to win the Iowa caucus. Ben Carson felt he lost because of what he called the dirty tricks of the Cruz campaign.

The problem is he came in a distant fourth. Personally, I do not believe he would have won anyway because by this time he was already perceived as being weak a national defense and weak on security for the homeland.

But he persisted and whine like a complete sore loser after the Iowa Caucus was over. It seemed as if he blamed Ted Cruz for his entire misfortune in his bid for the presidency.

After Super Tuesday he finally realized that there was no hope for his campaign. He finally decides drops out and save himself from any further embarrassment.

Or so it seems.

But what happened next was the biggest surprise and complete let down for me.

He threw his support behind Donald Trump.


If you state you are a Christian then your fruit should show. What does the term “showing of your fruit” mean? Well I’m not gonna go through it thoroughly here, but it means having the character traits of a Christian.

Not that does not mean all Christians are perfect and you’re never going to have bad days, but when you’re consistently personally attacking people, comparing someone to a child molester, as Donald Trump did to Ben Carson, then I seriously doubt your Christian credentials.

What was amazing was that Ben Carson threw his support for Donald Trump’s bid for President.

I guess the quest for power shows no shame.

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