Cesspool Pumping Smells better than Hillary’s Campaign

That I think Hillary smells worse than putrid cesspool pumping let you know what I really think about her.

No I don’t want to get to insane speaking about Hillary Clinton because that’s what she does create. It’s call Hillary derangement syndrome

Now the reason I put the issue of having my septic tank pumped and Hillary Clinton is because both are full of crap.


While I can’t get past how many times Hillary change the story, one reality becomes a new reality when he becomes convenient. One thing that can’t be changed is when you need to call a cesspool service because you’re sewer or septic tank needs to be pumped.

This is your gal Sherry. Things that happen life can be so analogous to events that are happening around you or in the world. Yes, even in the world of politics.

That Is what I just went to recently and I can tell you that it was not fun at all. Well, it was slightly fun. I just thought about all the stupid things Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton have ever said and done which made my experience tolerable.

Let’s make some weird comparison with the email server that she says she never had any classified information on.

I think the FBI shot that one down and and found at least 20 emails there were so secret that they cannot even be discussed in public. As a matter of fact they are so secret that they cannot even be discussed with members of the Armed Services Committee in Congress.

So, she is in a bunch poop right now. That is kind of like me with my septic pumping issue. Hey, I can attach my cesspool pumping cost along with the fact they woman who wants to be President also is full of it.

So, calling Cesspool Service Long Island, was a bit of a good diversion, if you could call it that, in order to fix my septic system.

Don’t you just love how I can take any life story especially a disgusting one and compare it to Hillary Clinton’s morbid political career! If she wants to be an example to women, she needs to see how some of the top conservative women in politics handle themselves.

Now the guys from the cesspool company were actually pretty nice. So it’s hard to compare them to the disgusting slime of the progressive left.

They did have a disgusting job to do, and pumping out the last few years of everyone’s dinner from my cesspool system. At least the FBI’s nightmare of digging deep into Hillary’s septic tank should be over pretty soon. At least we can all hope and pray for that to happen!!

At least I know I’m going to get great service at a great cost from an honest company. I can say so much that this will happen in Washington, but at least I know I have a decent chance of it happening here on Long Island.

It is so crazy that a person can view something such as septic tank cleaning as more honorable than being a politician. But that is the way things have become in politics, we are right has become wrong, and wrong has become insane.

So having some cesspool maintenance done kind of makes me think of the political process. You know something that has to happen every couple years to every four years, so the waste can be cleaned out of government.

Yea, some of you may be saying I am being a little harsh. C’mon Sherry, where is the decorum? We need to show that we are better than the ones who are constantly trying to bring the rest of us down.

I am being kind. Listen, the reason why this country is in the shape it is in is because we have become a people of no values or integrity. Peace is not peace when you give up your dignity.

Even the workers of Cesspool Service Long Island have better morals than a lot of these politicians, both democratic and republican.

Whenever I need to call them for simple cesspool maintenance, or  for septic pumping, I knew the cost they told me it would be was just that, I did not have to worry about some double talk or just some plain out right lie.

So if you do not want your intelligence insulted. First do not vote for Trump, Clinton or Sander. Then if you have cesspool problems, give the guys at Cesspool Service Long Island a call.


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