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Krugman – You Silly Goose!

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So one of my friends posted this article that was mailed in by Paul Krugman to his NYT editor. Basically Krugman is frantic that people are complaining about Captain Kool-Aid’s plan to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND! With unemployment at 10% (and really I hear it’s more like 17%), well, geewilikers color me shocked that people aren’t […]

Frivolous Govt. Spending = Okay Private Sector Spending of Any Kind = Not Okay & Taxable Remember when our new Liberal Dictatorship in DC went apesh*t over AIG throwing a $400k conference that ultimately would have helped them develop business (new business that would help them bring in revenue and payback the taxpayer-funded loan they […]

See, this is what could happen when you put the equivalent of Zack Morris in as the head of the Treasury Dept. and Screech in as managing the largest bankruptcy case in US history. So now apparently it’s come to this.  Need more federal money to bail out your hanging political deals like OBAMACORN? Need […]

Looks like the honeymoon is officially o-vah! (via Ace) Eroding confidence in President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy and ability to control spending have caused his approval ratings to wilt to their lowest levels since taking office, according to a spate of recent polls, a sign of political weakness that comes just as he […]

Seems that antidote of “no extravagant parties” for those receiving government funding stops at the steps of the Hill.  I think the Unicorn Princess should take a look in the mirror and ask who’s the fairest of them all? Wells Fargo received TARP money and was scolded by the media, Congress and President Unicorn Princess […]

And The Truffffffffff Will Set You Free

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Been hearing lots lately about how California is going to need a bailout? Heard about how no counties (including the liberal ones) voted for the proposed tax increases? Wonder how in the #@$* California got into its mess of being over budget? Well, step right up! Step right up, folks! Feast your eyes on the […]

Hitting The Nail In The Coffin

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock these last few months with the GREAT news about government spending, here’s some perspective for you: The US National Debt, oh!, in real-time. I love how Social Security and Medicad together outspend the costs we’ve spent on protecting our military in the two wars. But yeah, […]

Remember that joke the President made when he talked about his BIG plans to reduce the federal budget by 100 MEEEEEEEEEELLION DOLLARS! LOL.LOL.LOL.LOL…(picture me rolling around on the floor like a drunken fool at a wedding reception after one too many “refreshments” LMAO) Why all the hyena laughing hysteria? Well because that was the biggest […]

Picture Perfect

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Saw this on Facebook – it’s a photoshop fun day for everyone! A classic way to sum up the liberal’s failing Keynesian economic policy… I’ve always thought it was interesting that people who complain and spew lies about supply-side economics are actually for supply-side when you look at the details of each policy, but just that […]

It’s double your pleasure, double the fun. No I’m not talking about a delicious piece of Doublemint, fools! I’m talking about our lovely Driving-the-US-into-Socialism-at-100-MPH Stimulus bill that kicked off the fun on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, also known as the Obama Presidency. So in case you never read the fine print, or the bill for […]

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