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And you make my heart flutter as always. So my arch nemesis (in mah head), Joy “Yackity-Yak” Behar, was all over the Tiger Woods scandal the other day on everyone’s true source for intelligent, analytical opinions (pfffffffff) The View.  I’m not opposed to this hen-fest discussing the Tiger Woods scandal. It’s a talk show for […]

Joy Behar, may your insipid unintelligent banter nonsense you call debating always be a reminder that stupid people do exist. Oh be still, my beating heart! Michelle Malkin was on The View today and she definitely brought some game to the table, which wasn’t hard considering she was at a table with four airheads. I […]

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about” – Joy Behar Ah, Joy, Joy, Joy. My favorite village idiot.  Nothing gets me more psyched than Behar getting put in her place. Well, Ann Coulter was recently on CNN with Behar filling in for Larry King (although it wasn’t much of an improvment on the host front). […]

Joy Behar, failed stand-up comic and crappy side-kick hostess on sideshow talk show The View, is one of my favorite liberals who epitomizes what I don’t like about the far-left agenda. Every time I hear her screeching like the gossip old bitty that she is I cringe with embarrassment that she is of my gender. […]

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The ranting and raving of a woman formally brainwashed under the liberal agenda. Through investigation, commentary and sarcasm about government, this woman is breaking free of the hypocritical liberal party that tries to manipulate women into believing only they can represent women’s rights. Get informed, get free, get Un-Liberaled! This blog does not endorse any particular candidate or party - although if I did, I most likely wouldn’t endorse a liberal candidate. For instance, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or as I like to call her Smancy Pelotox would not get my vote. Comprende? Good. Hope you enjoy the rants! :)

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