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Race-cards politics can come back to bite you in the asssssssssssssssss! Don’t it, Miss Boxter???? (via Breitbart TV) This is what I’ve always found fascinating about the DNC party. They act like inherent characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality and even veteran-status are supposed to make people put aside their ideologies and common sense. Why? […]

Okay, so I’m over on Facebook debating AGAIN. I know, I know. I. Need. A. Life. But in my latest debate, this point has been cracking me up. “The top 5% have had the sweetest deal in recent history. Obama’s push has been to return to the Clinton days, which themselves put the Reagan days […]

If I had a penny for everytime I heard that phrase over the last five years I’d be rich myself.  I just love how liberals loooooove to throw this out there with the complimentary attitude as if they’ve just said something brilliant that you cannot argue back. Let’s take a look at those tax breakdowns […]

Liberal Myth – Che Guevara Was a Hero

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Have you ever seen some dumb-dumb celebrity or “hipster” wearing a shirt similar to the one here to the left? Yeah, I used to wonder who that was on the shirt. I used to think “oh that person must be so cool, admired and revolutionary if they are on a shirt.”   Yeah, and I also used think […]

Liberal Myth – Republican Racism

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Look, there are racists, sexists, etc. who discriminate on both sides of the aisle. But too much last year we heard time and time again how Republicans are generally racist. First off, some people CLEARLY need to get their facts straight on the history of racism when it comes to Democrats vs. Republicans. Second, when […]

Liberal Myth – Social Security is Awesome AND Works

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Yeah! Let’s invest more in this failing program (snickers). So last night while I’m cooking dinner I open up my latest Social Security statement. And it TOTALLY picked my spirits up! Oh, not in a good way, more like a “this is so sad I don’t know what to do besides laugh” kind of way.   […]

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

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There is that growing debate about whether or not healthcare in this country should stay privatized or become free taxpayer-funded under the government. Hold up – before you stop reading here’s the thing. The health insurance industry needs to be cleaned up. It’s not a free market like auto insurance. Plus there are regulations that […]

Daaaaaaaaaayum! 12-Year-Old Brings It!

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One time I had an extremely hard time dealing with somebody saying I didn’t support women’s rights because I was pro-life. Me of all people – the college-educated, career-driven, independent, direct and brass woman. But this is a liberal myth that many women have a hard time getting beyond. Because they are put in a […]

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The ranting and raving of a woman formally brainwashed under the liberal agenda. Through investigation, commentary and sarcasm about government, this woman is breaking free of the hypocritical liberal party that tries to manipulate women into believing only they can represent women’s rights. Get informed, get free, get Un-Liberaled! This blog does not endorse any particular candidate or party - although if I did, I most likely wouldn’t endorse a liberal candidate. For instance, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or as I like to call her Smancy Pelotox would not get my vote. Comprende? Good. Hope you enjoy the rants! :)

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