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Commander-in-Chief FAIL!

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I don’t 100% agree with Meghan McCain on a ton of issues, but she couldn’t have stated my feelings about Commander-of-Self Delusions (aka President Unicorn Princess) any better than this: Let me be frank—I am angry. I am angry and frustrated, in a way I haven’t been in a long time. During the election, I […]

I remember hearing non-stop in 2008 how Obama was so qualified because he was so “cultured” and more of a “citizen of the world.” Yeah, I threw up a little bit in my mouth too. So, fast-forward to my NON-surprise when President Unicorn Princess can’t seem to get standard world leadership customs right.  I’m sure […]

Video over at HotAir where they’ve got the recap on the One taking time out of his busy day prolonging the recession to mock those who aren’t blindingly on board with the spend-money-till-it-hurts-your-greatgrandchildren’s-pocketbooks-and-then-worry-about-it-later policy. When this bozo got elected I honestly heard people call him the People’s President. Pffffffffffffff. Don’t let the eye roll hit […]

Did Obama & His Teleprompter Have a Falling Out?

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, our current President has a teleprompter addiction? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I know, scary times (shudders).  OH, MAN! and I totally believed it when people would argue during the election in favor of Barry being elected President because he’s the “great orator of our generation.”  Ummm, KIDDING!  Paaaaaaaaaaahleaze – I could […]

Here’s a new analogy for the SAT: Tyrone Biggiums is to Crack as Obama is to  a). Supporting the American Dream b). Tax Breaks for Small Businesses c). Increasing Medical Benefits for the Troops d). his Beloved Teleprompter Folks, if you guessed D – well you’re our LUCKY winner today here at Un-Liberaled Woman. Tell ‘em what they’ve […]

A Smoke & Mirrors Presidency

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I once had this boss that was all smoke and mirrors. You know where they spend all their time convincing other people they are important and an essential part to the team, but in reality they don’t do jack and your dept. could probably function better if they would just get out of the way. […]

Knew LOVE Like This Before

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No, I neeeeever! Knew Love Like This Before……Sing it girl [Obama], Sing it! Why is the world trying to harp on our generation’s star-crossed luuuuuuuuvahs! (via HotAir) Honestly, this teleprompter addiction is getting out of control. Now it’s being used at press conferences??? How can anyone say this guy is a great communicator when he […]

Report Card: Two F- & Counting

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Remember when just a couple weeks ago, Obama scored a big fat F- on his economics history. Wwll, I guess the “stellar” fact checking team of the new administration keeps getting better and better because now he’s confusing the U.S. with Germany. (via Black & Right)   President Obama’s speech to Congress last night might […]

What An Experienced Leader Looks Like

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For those who need an example when I say Obama doesn’t have the experience, here’s who I have in mind as a real political leader with qualitative experience. He’s not even a full year into his governorship and he is totally kicking butt and straightening things up in a state that desperately needed it. Bobby […]

Honestly, when is Obama going to put Gibbs out of his misery. It’s so comical at this point how many circles Jake Tapper can run around Gibbs. Good grief – this guy has to be one of the worst Press Secretary’s ever. No doubt. He’s like the Barney Fife of Press Wranglers. Here’s the latest […]

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