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I’ve got this friend and she’s always worked in education with the inner-city and lower-economic schools. She did that “voluntary” Teach for America (TFA) first and has worked her way up through the charter school programs. (I put quotes around voluntary because TFA teachers actually earn public school teaching salaries commensurate with the salaries of […]

If I Knew Then…

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Via HotAir. Elections do have consequences and it is a sad fact that many of my friends I’ve heard say if they knew then what we see going on now that they’d probably would have voted differently. This is why I’m such an advocate of becoming an informed citizen and researching candidates’ political positions as well […]

This IS NOT the Obama I Thought I Knew

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The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus… Okay you get the point. During the election last year, it was a weekly occurrence that Obama would throw some “acquaintance” (i.e., close family-friend, personal advisor, mentor for 20+ years) under the bus in order to save his […]

Fear and Change?

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CNN released the results of their poll today which showed that 73% of Americans are more fearful of what’s going on in the U.S.  The surprising thing is that this figure is 6 percentage points higher then when polled back in October at the height of the financial crisis. Nearly eight in 10 say things […]

Buyer’s Remorse: Obamamaniac Edition

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Gosh I just knew this was going to happen but for it to happen only THREE weeks into the presidency is classic. Honestly my voter’s confidence for McCain/Palin this past election grows and grows more with each passing day. Thanks, Barry! Anyego, Bob Parks’s over at Black & Right has been finding more and more voters […]

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The ranting and raving of a woman formally brainwashed under the liberal agenda. Through investigation, commentary and sarcasm about government, this woman is breaking free of the hypocritical liberal party that tries to manipulate women into believing only they can represent women’s rights. Get informed, get free, get Un-Liberaled! This blog does not endorse any particular candidate or party - although if I did, I most likely wouldn’t endorse a liberal candidate. For instance, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) or as I like to call her Smancy Pelotox would not get my vote. Comprende? Good. Hope you enjoy the rants! :)

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