Okay, I just got back. So now after a 1 lunch hour, 20 city blocks, 15-degree weather and two possibly frost-bitten legs – I made it through the oinking at the anti-porkulus protest to bring you all some pics. 

Sam & Me - Reeeeeeeepresentin’





First off, the protest was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  Sam Adams, one of our founding fathers, showed up to help bring the chickens home to roost. Yea-Yea-YEAH! Then as we marched some lady ingrate, while walking into Daley Center (OF COURSE!), started yelling at us about her foreclosure. Ummm, pay your own darn mortgage, lady!  I just got one in October, so why should I have to pay for two????  Government isn’t a charity you nitwit.

It was great to see as we built momentum throughout downtown Chicago the number of people that either cheered us on or joined in the protest. Even a guy driving a Department of Revenue truck honked his horn and gave us the thumbs up. The protest included a multitude of spirit signs like “Honk if You Want to Pay MY Mortgage,” “Don’t Mortgage My Future,” “Michelle, Give Your Piece of The Pie But Don’t Take Mine!”  All in all it was a great time considering the circumstances – lots of people came out despite the cold and snow (probably around 400), and voices were heard even in Chicago *cough*Obamaland*cough*.  Now we have to just wait to see if the government actually listens to us.








teaparty15  teaparty16









Favorite Sign (Dang IT! Why didn’t I think of that???) -








My other sign -









Michelle Malkin’s got pics from other locations here and here. I’ll keep updates going if other locations are posted.  A few more pics from Chicago’s event here.