What is up with Megyn Kelly

Did any of you watch the debate on Foxnews? Talk about a hit job. It is not like I have any love for Trump but the mafia definitely would be proud of the hit Foxnews attempted on Donald Trump.

Now the issue that Megyn Kelly brought up during the debate (As a matter of fact it was her first question) was if Trump was disparaging women with his comments. The particular offence she brought up was that Trump has called women he dislikes “fat pigs” and “slobs”. Now Trump’s immediate retort was that he referring to Rosie O’donnell. Now is she really a women in the feminine sense. That is a question that as always bugged me that if a woman declares herself to be homosexual and takes on the demeanor as a man, then should they be treated as a woman?


Hello to Unliberaled Woman. We don’t burn our bra here.

This is Sherry, your unliberaled woman, stout conservative.  I will be putting some great content on here, so be patient.

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