Race-cards politics can come back to bite you in the asssssssssssssssss! Don’t it, Miss Boxter???? (via Breitbart TV)

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This is what I’ve always found fascinating about the DNC party. They act like inherent characteristics such as race, gender, sexuality and even veteran-status are supposed to make people put aside their ideologies and common sense. Why? Oh, well because another person is the same skin color as you and therefore you must agree with him, even though he stated the exact opposite of what you believe. I mean that is so freakin’ condescending to not only somebody’s race, but their intelligence. Basically what Ms. Boxter (and the majority of liberals) are saying is that you don’t have the intelligence to come to your OWN conclusions and therefore must come to an agreement with people not on the merits of their ideas or character, but on the attributes of their race, gender and sexuality. Ri-@#$@#$@#$-diculus.

At the end, I love how she justifies her actions by being “someone who is married to a veteran.” Keep playing that identity-politics, Babs! What the FUCK does that have anything to do with being an excuse for the reason you literally just failed at a round of playing race-card politics???? Oh, it must be easier to forgive her actions because she’s married to a veteran. Well, Ms. Boxter, you’re also a member of the dumb bitch club and I guess then because of that I cannot forgive you – sorry the DBC overrules married to veteran status on mah’ judgments. (smirking)

Minorities continually support a party because they are sold on the idea that the DNC represents minorities. But all the DNC does when it’s in power is pass legislation and regulation that ultimately HURTS minorities not help them. In this clip for instance, minorities should ask themselves why are they supporting a political party that is in favor of passing energy policies that will hurt lower-economic groups (primarily of minority ethnicities) financially?

Obama 2008Or how about supporting a party that says it supports the blue collar working man? A party that passes economic policies which drives blue collar jobs out of the United States, but keeps their elitist cohorts in the lavish lifestyle their accustomed to. A party that says blue collar workers who own their own business and are financially stable must be taxed in order to spread the wealth around which in reality means giving more money to the government to keep giving Congress its five-figure pay raises.

And how about those who support the DNC because it says it supports illegal immigrants but continually allows for immigrants to be in a system that doesn’t pay them a fair wage under the myth that the jobs they have are ones “Americans don’t want.” So what is the DNC saying, illegal immigrants are taking the trash nobody wants therefore it’s okay to not pay them a legal, fair wage they would get if the businesses would be forced to not cut corners and immigration was properly monitored?

Why do minorities support the DNC, a party that eliminates effective voucher school programs despite the fact they show drastic improvements for kids from lower-economic and minority households. How does that support the advancement of minorities when the DNC eliminates educational programs that can make them better off financially in the future?

Wake up, minorities! This includes lower-economic classes, blacks, hispanics, women, etc….The DNC party is motivated by expanding the power of elites within that party. They rely on us falling for the old trick of them being a cape crusader in order for them to get elected and then once in office they consistently pass policies that advance only those within their elitist inner circles.

This is the party that plays on your desires of a better life and fear of oppression in society, and then leads you down the bath of being financially and ideologically chained to them with your vote. They act like your crusader against credit card companies, but refuse to tell you how they’re the party that put those companies in a position to offer you credit and take you to the cleaners with out of control lending rates. They don’t tell you they’re the ones in Congress literally forcing banks to trick you into borrowing money you can’t pay back with setup-to-fail-loans.

jesse_jacksonThey sell you on the false premise that supporting the DNC will make you better off financially all the while they get rich, and your community remains ecnomically stagnate or decreases. Somebody needs to look at the fact that minority Democrat “leaders” rake in the millions while the people they “represent” continue to remain poor for more than 40+ years. Clearly, somebody is making it by selling the false dream bottled-up like old fashioned tonics or rain-drop cures. Jesse Jackson, I’m talking to yoooooo-hooooo!

This is a party that promises equality acceptance for you, but then demands that people treat you differently as if your race, gender or sexuality is a disability not just the inherent trait that it is.

And lastly, this is a party that would rather see more people on welfare government programs for financial dependence than working on legislation that promotes small business development in communities. Instead of creating jobs for the economy that would make people on their own financially stable, they continually insist to expand government welfare programs by stealing more money out of the economy. How is this representing the advancement of minorities?

And lastly, this is a party who just nominated a Supreme Court Jester (typo and it stays) that believes her race is what dictates the level of her intelligence. Wasn’t it Martin Luther King, Jr. that dreamed of a land where one wouldn’t be judged on the color of their skin, but on their character. How is it right for the DNC to make this a part of our constitutional ideology when their leaders advocate that race, not intellect, determines the judgment of one’s ability to be effective over another? biden_obamaOh! And let’s not forget which current VP who’s a Gaffetastic-minority-representing Democrat had to say about Clarence Thomas (And this about about his OWN co-worker) -

“I think that the only reason Clarence Thomas is on the Court is because he is black. I don’t believe he could have won had he been white. And the reason is, I think it was a cynical ploy by President Bush.”

That’s not a platform of promoting multiculturalism, it’s a platform back-handedly promoting division, segregation and ethnocentrism.  And it’s time to put a stop to it.